Original Prints

Our original prints are accompanied by a ‘Print Documentation Certificate’, endorsed by Nova Scotia Printmakers Association detailing information about the process and the artistic involvement in creating silkscreens and mezzotint engravings

A handmade or original print is one that was conceived by the artist as a print. Hand made prints can be identified by one or more of the following terms: Intaglio, Serigraph (silkscreen), Woodblock, Hand Lithograph, Etching, Collagraph, Wood Engraving, Relief print, etc. Handmade prints are almost always signed by the artist in pencil, below the image in the lower right corner.

Many artists today are resorting to reproduction of their artwork to supplement their incomes. Labeling of these reproductions is often vague and misleading and so it becomes necessary for the buyer to be aware of reproduction prints.

A reproduction is a photo-mechanical copy of a work from a pre-existing image in another medium (watercolours are most often reproduced).The process used is the same as printing a magazine or greeting card.

Here are a few ways to identify reproductions:

Called a Giclee (or Iris Print), "Fine Art" Print, "Lithographic" Print or a "Limited Edition" Print
• Looks like a watercolour (or other type of painting)
• Has a lower price than you might expect
• Has an Edition# (fraction in the lower left) greater than 200 or none at all
• Has more than one signature (typically one on the image and one below)
• A regular dot pattern is visible through a magnifying glass


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